Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tinkering with cheese board designs

Today is the first day this week that has not been close to or above the triple digits. For those who don't know me as of yet, for the record, I have a polar bears tolerence for the heat (I.E. NONE, heat destroys me) So anytime during the summer when its hot like this I work outside at my own peril, which sucks when you really want to get some woodworking done.  Other wise almost everyday would be full of posts showing pictures like these of some of the new cheese board designs im tinkering with:

about 50% completed, now onto the hand sanding & finishing phase

Both sets are using Black Walnut (dark) and Tiger maple (light)

These look pretty good already, im not afraid to say. But wait for how they look after the fine detailing phase, the transformation and the color that comes out is incredible. Stay tuned for the post documenting the finishing process coming next......this day ain't over yet.

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