Friday, July 22, 2011

New song posted: Halla Day!

I posted another song from my album that's being worked on currently. The song is called: Halla Day!, dont ask me to explain the title yet.... This song has a pretty interesting story considering that it is essentially an "open-sourced" song.Meaning that it is a song that I laid the ground work of the chord progression structure, tempo, and melody with my guitar and drum/keys software but left the rest of the song open to collaboration online. Using the Program Riffworks, from line 6, I essentially posted my song and let any musician who wanted to contribute online take a whack at it. After choosing which contributions to keep (I will find out the user names so i can credit the featured artists on release) I remixed and re-edited the song into what you can listen to now with the song player on the right there. You can also download the songs using the player as well.

It resulted in what i think is a pretty cool upbeat song that explored sounds outside of my typical style yet fit in with the overall feel of my music. This song (like all my songs) has a back story of sorts that will exist as an additional component to the song itself (through visual media, and writings). More will be revealed in time. Hope you enjoy what you hear. 

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