Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glimpses of the Workday NO.2

Some of the things surrounding the workday :

Check out Captain Cicada here waitin for me on the deck

Lil Mouse-Monk Jr. made it through the critical 8hr window and beyond

Yes, thats right the little Mouse-Monk from yesterday made it through the night in his makeshift home/incubator.Hes doing pretty good, he looks gross and pink now but in 5 days or so he will be all fluffy and endearing, you will see =]   Hes getting nourishment too in the form of warm milk/ special solution fed to him on a thin paper rag he sucks on.......yeah.....enough Mouse-munk suckage for the day...... 

Ill say this though, Nature is one of the strangest yet most interesting forces that surround us everyday. Sometimes its hard to see that through the lens of modern day living. But I tell ya, when a giant Cicada ambushes you as you leave the house on your deck,  nature comes rushing back right into ya face to let you know its there....and I decided that I love that....haha.. Onto finishing and delivering the goods on my Current Projects. 

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