Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm still here!

Josh here, finally blogging after a long hiatus. RHR is in somewhat of a transitional period and the entire shop has taken a journey from Connecticut to North Carolina. Will this be the final stop for RHR? probally not, but its all part of life's adventure right? The past two months have been busy here in NC, as my old college buddy and fellow artist Robert Hamrick joined the team. 

Rob learned how to turn on the lathe Very quickly. Here he is turning a piece of purpleheart.

Together we've pumped out a lot of product and will have all new inventory posted on etsy in the VERY near future. Heres a taste of one of the new things.

A purple heart Pipe. (minus the screen)

As it happens I sold the pipe within a day of it being finished to another local artist here. Ill take it as a sign that this design is a winner.  Stay tuned for a complete update to the store and the continuation of weekly blog updates.

Take Care,