Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Nature & Life

Heads up, this is a pretty esoteric post about something.....i guess...natural? that just happened outside the shop here just a minute ago.  A real workday post will follow this one, i promise =].

So Martha, If you dont know Martha yet just wait, you will..... is about to go out on an excursion to the post office to deliver something wonderful no doubt. While starting the scooter...
How cool is she on that thing with the flower!? =]
A strange thing happened then. A chipmunk or mouse (we are at a disagreement there =] ) jumped out of the scooter carrying something it was dropping. To my surprise it was little mouse/munk babbies! Immeadiatly I thought to hide it from Martha since it was so sad to see for some reason. After its mother-monk booked it down the street never to return I took the poor guy back to the side of the shed and made him a lil home made of grass and leaves. I hope hes alright, i know hes just a little mouse-munk but he still deserves a shot at life right?
Nestled in the best incubator I could make. Time to tough it out lil guy.

I checked back an hes seems to be doin ok. I covered it up after this so hes tucked away nice and safe. I dont know what nourishes them besides water, so if any of you have a suggestion im sure Lil Mouse-Munk there would sure appriciate it.

Yeah so....onto the fun stuff....

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